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Jouney into Wholeness

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For years, I have struggled in my Christian walk to arrive at a place where I could live my life according to biblical principles. Most people I have ministered to over the years share this same desire to become all that God has created them to be. As I looked around in my world, I would sometimes envy those who seemed to have it "all together," who seemed to live a life of "perfect" biblical balance.

Yet, what I have found through my counseling, is that despite their outward appearances, just about everyone still struggles with deep inner issues within their lives -- issues such as sin and lack of self-discipline. If you are struggling with these areas in your own life, know that, from this moment on, you are not alone, or even that unusual.

As an Americanized Christian, I have tried hard to do things "right." I have seemingly punched all the right tickets on this train of life -- I have completed all the educational processes, have worked hard in my professional career, and have been faithful to the local church.

Despite these "right" steps, in many ways, I seemingly went in the wrong direction. I probably gave more emphasis to psychology in my life than to my Bible training and ministry. For many years, I thought I had made a mistake in the direction that I selected; yet, today, I am now convinced the Lord's hand was in it all.

Through my selection of psychology as a profession, God has allowed me to study and train in the areas of human behavior, marriage and family counseling, as well as to prepare more fully for the ministry. You see, the Lord knew the overall plan and purpose for my life -- He knew the beginning, and He knows the end.

The same is true for your life!

God knows where you are now, and no matter how fragmented the parts of your life might seem at the moment, He knows where you are going -- and your life has a purpose!


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