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Introduction to Bible Study

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Over the past several years a number of Christian leaders have fallen from grace. The reasons for their fall are numerous, and the laity have been hurt because of their fall. In many cases, the sheep have fallen away primarily because their eyes were on the man or woman of God and not on the Lord Jesus Christ as revealed through His Word.

It has been a burning concern of most Christian leaders that Christians learn to study God’s Word in an effective and systematic fashion. Most Christians read the Word, some study it for a certain purpose (like writing a Bible College paper), but few truly study in any systematic fashion.

In order to grow deeper in the things of God, and to insure that he will stand in the day of temptation, the Christian must have knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge comes from reading and meditating on the Word of God. Wisdom is the application of God’s Word to the individual’s life.

If there is reverence (fear) for the Lord, there will be a seeking of these attitudes and a desire to grow in them.


Rev. Bruce Wingard, M.Div. developed a note-taking system called the WordWise™ Bible Study System. This program allows a student of the Word to take notes on special paper right in his/her Bible. Wingard also provided a small guide that offers some helpful hints called the 14 Fundamentals of Bible Study. Twelve of his steps and other helps used over the past few years by this writer are included in this text to assist the student in WordWise™ systematic study of God’s Word.

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