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I Want To Be Like You Dad

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It is my belief that we live in a season when the Lord is moving us toward the development of a Church that really will be without spot or wrinkle, a church brought into a place of wholeness in God. Because we are moving closer to the very end of all time, we as the people of God, and more specifically those in leadership, need to be ready to move forward in the power of God, bringing healing and restoration to those who are wounded.

Over the last several years, I have been involved in ministering to hurting individuals and families within the body of Christ. But in order to bring healing and restoration to the people of God who have experienced brokenness, we must first experience healing for ourselves. When we are involved in that healing process by reaching out to others and touching their lives, we in turn can be touched by the Lord.

The 1980's were characterized as the "me" generation. This was a tumultuous period in which men and women were looking for personal or self satisfaction. This era arrived shortly after one of the most difficult seasons in the history of the United States. Our Wertern society was characterized by a "free sex, free love, free drugs, no responsibility, do your own thing" philosophy.

In the 90's, the "invoice now due" for that supposedly "free ride" has arrived!

We are now living in the age of the co-dependent, the dysfunctional, the disrupted and the destroyed. There is a tremendous battle going on within our society, and especially the family.

We can see how Satan has attempted to destroy the family unit which is the primary institution of God.

Through the various teachings of legalism, Christians have become bound by religious traditions. The extreme behaviors of the past 25 years have been misrepresented as liberty, and have led to severe consequences. We are called to the law of Christ (love ?) and not legalism which, when applied to one's life, will create the true freedom to become conformed to the fullness of the image of Christ.

If you read almost any periodical, secular or Christian, you will read articles on the dysfunctional life. One can read the acronyms: ACA, (Adult Children of Alcoholics); AA, (Alcoholics Anonymous); NA, (Narcotics Anonymous); ACDF, (Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families), etc., within the Church and on the outside. Researchers claim roughly 90% of the people within the United States suffer from the symptoms of a dysfunctional family, whether they be drug or alcohol related, divorce, separation or abuse.

The truth, as presented so eloquently by Dr. Keith Miller, is that all have sinned, and sin is the greatest addiction that any of us will ever have.

But we have hope... God has provided the answers for us, clearly stated within His Word!

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