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Forty Days to the Promise

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It was relatively easy to get the children of Israel out of Egypt but it was difficult to get Egypt out of the children of Israel. Even after their miraculous deliverance they still carried within themselves the mentality of slavery. As slaves many bad habits were learned, as free people many new habits needed to be established. Because they did not understand the process, the plan, and the purpose of God a whole generation perished in the wilder-ness.

As Christians we have come out of Egypt (sin) and we find it difficult to get Egypyt (sin) out of our lives. We need to put behind us the old habits that ruled our lives and as free people we need to develop new habits. We need to develop an intimate walk with the Lord. We need to be grounded in the knowledge of God, to become conformed to the im-age of Christ, to become obedient to God’s Word and dependent upon God as the source of our life. All of these things were very needed but a whole generation perished in the wilderness because they did not understand the process, the plan and the purpose of God.

Over the last few years we have seen many men and women of God who started out so well, miraculously delivered from sin, filled with the Holy Spirit of God and yet we have seen them fall by the wayside, withered up in their wilderness experience. It is my belief that, with God's help, we can all traverse the wilderness experience, through a time of suf-fering and difficulty, with grace and strength. In the wilderness we are forced to face the character issues of our own hearts. We endure the pain of facing our own failures and overcoming them with victory and we begin to inherit the promises that God intended.

For those that have been raised with the assumption that there's a direct magic carpet ride from Egypt to Canaan, I hope that you won't be too offended by the reality of the situation in which we live. For all of us there is a wilderness. All of us must go through it. But God's plan is for us to come through it as a transformed individual whose mind and heart have been renewed in such a way that we can begin the process of defeating the enemies of God and possessing the land that He has called us to possess.

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