Celebrating God

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David, the greatest Psalmist who ever praised and worshipped God, has captured the essence of praise and worship in those four short verses, written at the end of his life. And God wants us to be like David: men and women of praise and worship. So this book is an attempt to discover what true praise and worship really are, and how to apply those principles to our daily lives.

God has created us to be recipients of his fullness so that we might serve as channels of his fullness - in our homes, jobs, schools, churches and nations. And worship is one of the key principals listed in the Bible for experiencing his fullness. Consequently, it is important to learn and practice the Biblical concept of worship if we as individuals, families, and as his church, are going to see the mighty working of his presence in the earth.

One of the most important themes of the Christian life is praise and worship. Much has already been written about these topics, and there are many good books available. However, seldom can one find all the dimensions of praise and worship together in one publication because the two topics are normally separated.

Therefore this author has attempted to examine the whole Bible in order to present a complete biblical picture of praise and worship as revealed by God in his Book. Plus, the author has attempted to provide a thorough analysis of the results and benefits of praise and worship, as well as give some practical insights for our individual and corporate worship.

It is important to understand what occurs in the heavenlies and in our lives as we truly praise and worship God, because the more we understand, the greater will be the motivation to worship and praise him from the depth of our heart.

So it is the author’s desire to see the reader edified and built up in the great ministry of praise and worship to our Holy God. To him alone belongs our greatest and highest praises and worship from now into eternity.

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