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Safety in Ministry

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Just as workplace fatalities, injuries and disease can have an enormous impact on society the consequences of such incidents in the ministry workplace, our church or outreach program can be devastating to the people who suffer the injuries and to the ministry itself.

The families of people who have been killed or incapacitated due to a work-related accident or illness have to bear great loss. Added to this loss is the financial worry, possible unemployment and anxiety about the health of the worker. It is easy to imagine the enormous strain that these families are under as they try to put their lives back together.

The workplace itself can also suffer after an accident as other employees and management try to come to terms with its effects. The business can be affected by the loss of morale amongst its workers, decreased productivity as well as the financial burden of increased insurance premiums.

The financial and human cost of workplace injuries and illness is immeasurable. It is clear that injury and illness in the workplace must be prevented as much as possible. These learning materials are designed to give you an insight into the way that Occupational Health and Safety systems function within the state as well as in your organisation. It will help you to become a proactive member of the OHS team in your workplace. It will also give you the tools you will need to build your OHS knowledge and skills and the means to communicate them to others in your team.

These learning materials consist of five topics. At the end of each section, there are activities that you will need to complete as a part of your assessment. There are also a number of activities that will need to be submitted to your supervisor for assessment.  However, much of your achievement in this training will come from experience at work as you are provided with opportunities to use your knowledge, observe your workplace's safety systems in action and put your skills into practice.

As Christians, as ministers of the Gospel it is it is even more incumbent upon us to ensure that the places where we work are safe, we are responsible not only to the law but also to God himself to ensure that the places to which we invite others to come to know the saving grace of God and to grow and mature in Him are safe.

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