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CHCCD6B Establish and Develop Community organisations

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CHCCD6B Establish and Develop Community Organisations

To complete your course you will need to be involved in a ministry within your church or fellowship group, and be under the mentorship of your Pastor or his delegate. For instance you may be involved in the “Children’s Ministry” or the “Youth Group” or any other department of the church. We advise you to remain within that ministy while you are completing this level of your studies as to do so will better build your skills as you complete the course.

If you do not have a mentor then the Principal of the College will be your mentor.

If you are not involved in a church or fellowship group then you will need to be involved in some other kind community based group in order to develop the practical skills.

In this particular unit “CHCCD6B Establish and Develop Community Organisations”, you are required to demonstrate your competence in establishing a new community organisation. It could be a new church, a new department or outreach. You will need to be faliliar with the need, understand organisational structure, legal requirements and obligations, and promtion.

To help you gather the evidence required we suggest that you collate information over a period of not less than 2 months and compile it with a report addressing the issues below. A report outline will be provided to you identifying specific areas to be addressed. Your skills development for this subject are approptriate to someone who is involved in the oversight of the tasks even though you may not actually be in oversight. This information with the multiple choice questionnaire from your text book should provide sufficient evidences of competency.

Issues to be addressed.

  • CHCCD6B 1 Establish the need, purpose and philosophy for the organisation
  • CHCCD6B 2 Review and develop organisational structures
  • CHCCD6B 3 Meet legal requirements to establish or develop the organisation
  • CHCCD6B 4 Market and promote the organisation changes

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