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Historical Books O.T.

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This is the fourth course on the Old Testament. In the beginning God spoke directly with man. Later, man had become so rebellious, God spoke by Moses, the Law, or by prophets. He gave them the tabernacle where they should worship through sacrifices. He choose men called priests who would represent them to God. When Israel would not serve Him, he punished them by letting other countries attack and defeat them. When the people cried out to Him, He sent men called judges to deliver them from their oppressors.

God wanted to be their king, but they all continued in their rebellion. They cried out for God to give them a king just like the other nations. God gave them a king and began the story of the formation of the Kingdom of Israel. The story begins with the first king, Saul, and ends with the fall of both the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel.

THE GOAL OF THIS COURSE: When you complete this course you will be able to:

  1. Recount the story of Joshua and Israel entering and conquering Cannan.

  2. Show how God always delivered His people when in trouble and gave them victory over their enemies.

  3. Relate their experiences to our present day circumstances to see how God still operates in our lives today.

  4. Explain the founding and development of Israel as a nation.

  5. Explain the lessons God taught Israel.

  6. Apply the knowledge you attain to your own life.

We will be studying mainly in the books of I&II Samuel and I&II Kings, but for the final lesson we will look at the book of II Chronicles. These books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles, cover the times of the Kingdom of Israel but from a different view. One will include certain events that the other may not have. They compliment one another.

The story of the Kingdom of Israel began in I Samuel with Saul and David, the first two kings of Israel. The books of the Kings is simply a continuation of the same story. The book of I & II Kings were probably written by Jeremiah. Kings begins with the death of David while Chronicles begins with Adam and a brief genealogy, then starts the story with Saul. Chronicles was probably written as the record of the events that happened in the days of each King. Maybe the court scribe or recorder was the original author.

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