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Twelve Steps To Wholeness

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Over the past many years, I have been conducting work shops and seminars across the country and internationally. The results have been most gratifying as believers begin to fully grasp God’s overall plan for the healing and restoration of their lives. For many, the awareness of the Lord’s great love, graciousness and power to transform lives, has had a liberating affect for which He deserves all the glory!

One of the needs expressed by many has been to have an ongoing group for those struggling to become whole in Christ. In praying about this need, I have chosen to adopt the Twelve Step model of Alcoholics Anonymous as a guide, with certain modifications, that beautifully corresponds to the three stages of our spiritual development as described in my book, Journey To Wholeness: Restoration of the Soul.

This book is to be used in small group formats, as you will see in the “Group Process” section. It is my hope that many will find complete healing and wholeness regardless of the level of dysfunction of family raised in, for God can save us to the uttermost and transform even the chief of all sinners into the glorious image of His Son. This book can be used in various recovery formats to include grief and loss, adult children of alcoholics, etc

How To Use This Book

This book is designed to be read and the outlines used in it, over and over again. There is really no special magic or unique key to resolving past conflict and achieving peace in the inner man. It is a process that requires diligent hard work, discipline and patience to trust the Lord and the process. These characteristics are not normally part of one who was raised in a dysfunctional family. In fact, if you were able to easily discipline yourself to apply scripture to your life, you wouldn’t need this book! So be aware, all of us using this program are fellow struggler's, “Working out our own salvation with fear and trembling,” (see Philippians 2:12).

Before beginning this, or any other Twelve Step study group process, it is important to ask yourself some important questions. Your answers will help you determine your readiness for the group process and very possibly your future success.

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