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Biblical Inner Healing

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Biblical Inner Healing

"Inner Healing", in my usage, is the process of getting one's spiritual life together with one's emotional life. I it is a a general term referring to s specifically Christian psychology, to he distinguished from the "Healing of of memories", which is a specific kind of event within inner healing; walking back with Jesus into a memory to for the healing of that memory.

We each have a "bottle of repression" into which we stuff our unwanted feelings and emotions, with a cork sealed firmly on top. A part of ourself become imprisoned in that bottle, unable to function with the rest of ourselves, yearning to get out, pressing up onto the cork. We are unable to let ourselves, and others seem to help only very partially. Who will let Gene out? Will Gene ever run free again

The biblical claims for inner healing centre finally on the person of Jesus, He told his disciples that if He went back to the Father, He would send the Comforter, the Holy Spirit of Gd, to dwell within us (John 14-16. The present of the Spirit Was associated with with healing and abundant life....

Is Biblical psychology really possible? Would it be any more than as smattering of prayer pasted over seculer psychology? Or would it mean an intrusion of anti-rational "Biblical" idea, Scripture quotes, and moralisms not the realm of scientific study? Can Jesus really set Gene free?

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