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When the Trumpet Sounds

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You may be infuriated, surprised, delighted, or awed by this book. It all depends on what you already know or believe about the return of Christ.

You will probably find here some things that will draw from you a hearty assent, and others that will make you yearn to burn a certain heretic at the nearest stake!

No other area of Bible study is so fraught with peril and rich with promise, so prone to make enemies and win friends, as the study of eschatology!

A vast disparity exists between the views various Christians have on certain aspects of eschatology. Each "school" of prophecy has its erudite proponents and opponents. Each arouses fierce support from its protagonists and ferocious opposition from its antagonists. The factions struggle mightily against each other until neutrality becomes almost impossibility. Entire denominations have been built around a particular view of Bible prophecy, with adherence to that view being mandatory for membership.

However, I have observed that many Christians hold tenaciously to a particular eschatology simply because they are not aware of any viable alternatives, or because the alternatives have been presented in such poor light they seem unworthy of further study.

So my aim in writing these lessons has not been to convince you so much as to inform you. Hence, I have tried to present clearly those aspects of eschatology on which evangelical Christians agree and also those on which they disagree. I do not personally belong to any particular "school" of prophecy; nonetheless, I do have a viewpoint on the subject, and this book necessarily presents that view. However, I hope my own opinions are not too intrusive, and that you will find space here to formulate your own ideas.

Your study of these lessons should be exciting and rewarding. Even more, may they leave you better fitted to meet the Lord with joy when he comes!

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