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Teaching Tactics

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Teaching is not just the communicating of doctrine or information. Students must experience God, not just learn information about Him.

Teaching is the transmission [imparting] of both a life and lifestyle. The life to be imparted to students is new life in Jesus Christ through new birth spiritually (John 3). The lifestyle to be imparted is that of the Kingdom of God. Students must be taught how to live as "citizens" in this Kingdom, learning both the privileges and responsibilities of their position.

Sometimes, we have been content to borrow man-made educational systems instead of learning and applying what God's Word reveals about teaching. This course focuses on Biblical message and methods of teaching. You will learn and apply methods of the master teacher, Jesus Christ. You will understand the functions of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in your teaching.

Guidelines are given for analyzing the audience, stating objectives, planning the lesson, using different teaching methods, and evaluating your teaching. The relationship between teaching and preaching is examined and guidelines are given for preaching Biblical messages. You will also learn how to train others to teach and how to adapt your teaching to illiterate people [those who cannot read or write].

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